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"DOBE" Adobo Shrimp Pasta for Summer

Summer is the best time for simple, light pasta dinners. This dish, "Dobe" Shrimp Pasta, is seasoned with my home made Adobo seasoning cal;led DOBE,m hence the name! which It is one of my featured Flavor Maker Spices ( which is available to purchase, of course) It is also easy t make this vegetarian by omitting the shrimp and adding oyster mushrooms or thickly sliced white mushrooms. Once you water for pasta has boiled, this dish takes 5 minutes to make. Trust me, don't  skimp on the cilantro. It works with the lime and tomatoes to rock summer!!!
PS- Don't eat shitty shrimp! Buy Wild US or Mexican, please! Please. There is no substitute. Asian shrimp suck. They are raised on ponds and taste like it. Break for the $10 it will cost to buy 12 oz of shrimp for two people.
serves 2 Ingredients 12 oz long pasta like capellini, spaghetti, linguine or tagliatelle salt 10-12 Jumbo wild gulf shrimp, peeled and deveined, tail on 1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 tsp DOBE or other Adobo …

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