Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sicilian Margarita, the perfect drink to celebrate memorial day!

Celebrate the American Experience with Sicilian and Mexican deliciousness!

It is memorial day weekend in the US. 
I'm sure you will be at a BBQ or picnic or party this weekend as most American are. 

Memorial day is an entire weekend that we honor and celebrate our soldiers who fought to preserve and protect our American democracy. 

While you are celebrating, don't forget these soldiers who fought and died to protect our flag were indeed Immigrants! 

In my father's family alone, 5 brothers, all second generation Sicilians served in the military and three served and fought in World War II. 

Think about your own family's history. Unless you are Native American, your family came here from another country, seeking either asylum from religious or political oppression, poverty, or just a better opportunity.

Either way, we are a nation of immigrants, 
So what better cocktail to enjoy but a Sicilian Margarita. 

Sicilians and Mexicans are two immigrant groups who were and are victims of bigotry, unfairness and even discrimination, yet still work their asses off to achieve the American dream and still fill the ranks of the U.S.Military with honor. 
Americans of all races, genders, colors and creeds defend American Ideals

God Bless America!  Now have a drink!

Sicilian Margarita.
I just returned from a Magical trip to Sicily and in late spring, among the spring onions and fava beans and wild asparagus and wild fennel, the markets are brimming with the blood oranges and lemons and they are AMAZING! 

In the US it is also blood orange season so get yours now. If the are not available, try Cara Cara oranges, clementines or regular Valencia oranges, but please be sure to squeeze the fresh juice. As for the lemon juice, fresh is best, but there is bottled Sicilian lemon juice at many local grocers. It's great, and supports Sicilian farmers so I have no problem using that, especially if I am making a lot.
Please note that since the blood orange juice is so sweet, you needn't add triple sec or any sweeteners! 
Here is single drink recipe and a recipe ratio by parts so you can make drinks or pitchers!
Also--to last a little longer on a hot day, try a Sicilian Margarita Frizzante!. 
Simply fill a tall glass with ice, pour over a single Sicilian margarita and then top with sparkling water --Frizzante!

And PULEEEZE...don't get al stupid with your choice of tequila here. It's a fruit drink. Buy a decent Silver that makes you feel good... but remember there is no need for $75 stuff here. I find Espolon to be a perfect mixing tequila that is clean and doesn't give me a hangover either. But do your thing. 

For one drink
2 oz blood orange juice
1.5 oz silver tequila
.25 oz Mescal ( optional...but...)
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
Stir, pour over ice, Garnish with a lemon or blood orange wedge. Enjoy

Bulk recipe
4 part blood orange juice
3 parts Silver tequila
1 part lemon juice
mescal to taste 

Sicilian Margarita, American Immigrant experience in a glass. Enjoy your day!

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