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CRAB SAUCE!!! From The Feast of the Seven Fishes Dishes

Nabaldee-Dabaldee Christmas Eve Crab Sauce
Serves 8 Remember the episode of the Soprano's when Tony and  Carmella where discussing being from Naples in the old country and the idiot son A.J., Chimed in, Naples? I though we were Nabaldee-Dabaldee?
If you have relatives from Naples, know what I'm talking about. If not, here is the explanation. The way the word Neapolitan is slurred out is by a second generation Italian American is Nabaldedon. There ya go.

Chef’s Note: Crab sauce is one of the Northeast things. Growing up in Connecticut, crab sauce was
ALWAYS served as one of the many dishes on that ridiculously large menu on Christmas Eve.
The crabs cook all day, making the house redolent with the sweet smell of the sea.
We always harvested buckets of blue crabs in the summer and then froze enough to
make the winter crab sauce. Fresh crabs are available at good fish markets and
Asian markets year round, but in a pinch a cluster of snow crab will work.
There is no actual crabmeat in…