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Ric's Basic BBQ Brine and Rub

Ric’s Basic BBQ Brine and Rub

Brining and rubbing is the best way to achieve succulent BBQ where the flavor delivers from the crust to the core of your meat. There a lot of variations on both but these are basics. I urge you not to use pricey things like exotic salts in the brine. Save that for your rub. You shouldn’t brine things like a good steak that you may cook medium rare. Brining is best applied to slowly cooked meats like pork, beef ribs, turkey, game and chicken. You don’t so some much taste everything in the brine out front as much as feel it in the meats juices. The special stuff is best used in rubs.

Basic Brine Recipe 1 cup salt 1 gallon water ¼ cup sugar Other things to enhance? Bay leaves, rosemary or fresh thyme for aroma. Chopped onions Peppercorns Allspice berries Cumin seeds Red wine ( for game) Citrus slices (not juice)

FInd a vessel to brine in. You want to submerge your neat for at least 4 hours but not longer than 24 hours. I find a small cooler lined with a garbage bag works g…