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Zoodles with Shrimp and Ramp pesto

Podcast Recipe
Episode 1

ZOODLES WITH GULF SHRIMP AND RAMP PESTOEpisode 1 Recipe Zucchini Noodles with shrimp and ramp pesto. My recipes are easy, BUT I want to impart the experience I have gathered into your cooking. Too many cooks make make tasty food but just miss on technique. Chin up, don't be daunted, my recipes are not just lists of ingredients but roadmaps to cooking more professionally at home.   Among other things this recipe with teach you to add the cheese to pesto AFTER it is out of the food processor so it doesn’t get gummy, AND to par sear your shrimp before assembling the dish so they don’t get cooked to rubber! This dish is just as easy to make vegetarian, and to make it vegan, substitute nutritional yeast for the Romano cheese to taste
2 large zucchini OR 12 oz pre cooked spaghetti 12 large wild gulf shrimp, peeled and deveined Olive oil and neutral oil like sunflower or safflower oil Sea salt and pepper to taste A handful of cherry tomatoes , cut in half ¼ cup good qualit…

Macaroni and Farmstand Peas

Podcast Recipe Episode 2
Macaroni and Peas Episode 2 Recipe My affair with peas, fresh pea soup and mac and peas. The first days of summer is around the corner and the local veggies are just starting to pop. It has been a slow start this year here in the Hud-Val. Though we have have a few hot days, the chilly weather has lingered a little longer than usual. But now, past mid june, the early pop of peas and strawberries are upon us. It’s time to get to work. Peas are an interesting early crop. The can be so delicious when fresh, but are bland and starchy if handled incorrectly. The trick with peas is to use them as soon as you can. As soon as they are picked from the plant, they begin the process of turning the natural sugars into starches. So if you get peas from the farmers market and you want them to be magically sweet, process them right away. I have learned my lesson. Too often I would buy a big bag of fresh peas from the farm stand, bring them home and throw them in the fridge.  Two or…
My Podcast, One Million Stringbeans
Episode 2
On Bourdain, sweet peas and Life's Strange
My first episode of one million stringbeans (yes stringbeans as one word, like my inventory sheets). I'm flying solo this episode. I chat about the closing of New World Home Cooking, give an overview of Bob Dylan's new Heaven's Door whiskey line, cover a news article about fast food and infertility and then lay out a recipe for Zucchini Noodles with shrimp and ramp pesto.  I'm excited to be using tastes of my music from my personal archives and from my son Terry King's metal bands throught the podcast. The intro music is Troubled Sleep, from my Boston Band SKIN recorded and released as a single in 1986. The next piece, some serious metal, is Cycle, my Terry's Kingston Band Hellkeeper. It launches the podcast well. The rest of the music (aside from a few Apple Loops) is from a session of home studio instrumental recordings I did for my Public Tv series Ric Orlando's T…