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Tongue Tacos

Amazing, remarkable, deLISHHH!! 
Tacos de Lengua..or  Tongue Tacos By Ric Orlando

You are at the Farmer's market. You want to buy local beef.  You want to be true to the snout to tail concept. Yes, you want to be a a member of the sustainable food movement. You see that beef tongue? 
BUY IT! Many people squirm when they even think about eating tongue, but most of our ancestors loved it. When properly cooked it is the most silky and succulent eating experience ever! And frankly, no one does it better than the Mexicans. Their technique of braise/dry cook/braise make it unbelievable! This removes the skin, aka tastebuds ...and leaves you with the most tender meat ever! This is a two day process but the results are well worth it.
BRAISE #1 In Dutch oven add the following ingredients 1 fresh beef tongue 2 cups yellow onion, coarsely chopped 4 large cloves garlic, , smashed with flat of knife 2 tbs Ancho chili powder 4 dried Mexian chiles, gualjillo, ancho or pasilla will do 13” stick Canela (Mexican ci…