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Tis the season for a SUMMER SEAFOOD BOIL by Ric Orlando

CREOLE SEAFOOD BOIL So this is a definitively American experience; note I didn’t say dish. This is a use your hands-stand around the table-drink what you want-paper napkin experience. I’ve enjoyed many boils but the coolest experience I’ve has was in New Orleans at a divey blues bar called the Mapleleaf. I went with a few friends to see some blues on a Sunday night. When our uber droped us off the backboard in the entranceway stated “Sunday Supper and Blues, $10”. We dropped our $10ers and entered. The bar was long and narrow and the music room was through an archway to the right. The music room was also long and narrow and plasted with posters and graffiti. The stage was to the right, in the front windows and the entire length of the room was set with 5 eight foot banquet tables end to end, unlinened. The aroma in the room was incredible. There were about 50 people lining those tables and as we approached so we couldn’t really see what was going on there. As we approached, people …