Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ric Orlando's 420 Recipes Green Dragon and Green-tini

The Green Dragon,
or how you can convert your weed into an innocuous looking powerhouse.

The Green Dragon is a simple Cannabis tincture. It is the easier and best way to get a long, happy buzz on without the hassle of mixing, baking and stewing, It low calorie, easy on the lungs and packs a wallop…and best of all, it doesn’t require using up your finest fuzzy premium bud. So why not try?
SO here is my easy recipe I have “heard of” from others.

Makes 12 oz. Takes a month to make.
½ cup of  bud trimmings, twigs, leaves, stems and shake, broken up in a grinder or blender
12 oz good quality vodka or  8 fl oz Everclear
Put the weed and the alcohol in a mason jar. Seal the lid tight.
Shake it real good.
Store in a cool dark place that is not hard to access.
Every morning, give it a shake.
You will begin to notice that the week is losing its color and the alcohol is taking on color, greenish, or browning or even purplish depending upon the strain you are using.
Keep doing your daily shake for about 4 weeks, or until the weed has lost most of its color.
Strain it out through a cheese cloth or coffee filter. You can store in a tincture bottle with an eyedropper, or any other glass or plastic bottle. If you used everclear you can add 3 oz of water now to extend it.
Start out by doing 3 DROPS under your tongue. I said drops. Test its potency that way.
This shit is powerful.

The GreenTini
This is fun and easy and works wonders when the world is just a little too much.
2 oz Good quality Vodka
1 teaspoon green dragon
and depending upon your palate…
½ oz green chartreuse
-       OR
½ oz sweetened green tea

Shake well on ice, Strain into martini glass.
Garnish with whatever edible green herb suits your fancy. I like Purslane when its available

The Trip-Ster
So you have the perfectly focused friend. She does everything right. She’s beginning to wear you out.
Convince her to add six little drops of Green Dragon into her morning Green Smoothie…
and Join her with your own. Then break out the art supplies and the vinyl.
Your friendship has been saved. You are about to have a much needed refocusing.

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