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Ric Orlando's Original Purple Haze Shrimp

Ric Orlando’s original “Purple Haze Shrimp”
Ok, so this dish comes with a lot of lore and just as much BS. It is hot? You bet? Is is painful…well, a little. But is it balanced? Totally. This is the perfect example of what West Indian spice should be. Like Trinidad’s inimitable Matouks brand hot sauce, this dish puts you on the edge, but keeps you coming back for more. The best analogy is this: it’s an unusually hot May day. All the kids are splashing about in the swimming hole. You jump in too. And the water if frigging FREEZIN! What now? If you jump out you’ll be doomed to a day shivering on the shore, but if you stay in and get used to it, you’ll have a great fun day and maybe some new adventures!A good deep hot dish is the same. Stay in and experience what a good mind bending meal is about!
The name Purple Haze was inspired by guitar legend and journalist Matte Henderson, who walked right in to the original New World Kitchen on Zena Road and explained to Ric that his shrimp appetiz…