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Tomatoes are Trending at Mohonk Mountain House Hudson Valley Harvest Festival

Tomato Time in the Hud-Val by Ric Orlando!We just nipped it! Mid-September in the Hudson Valley is when the last of the tomatoes are just about to fade from sight... but we got some! 

Here are my recipes from the Hudson Valley Harvest Weekend at Mohonk Mountain House. I present a veggie specific demo here for this fest every year, and this year, tomatoes it is.
First installment: Tomato Bouillon and Tomato Sorbet!

The bouillon can be eaten a lot of ways:
Try is simply hot, garnished with herbs
Use it as a broth for tortellini or little ravioli, or with orzo or tubetti and Romano cheese
Poach lobster, scallops or shrimp in it (gently!)
Freeze it into ice cubes and drop them in Bloody Marys, martinis, gin-and-tonics, and more.

This is a fabulous way to use up the inexpensive, end-of-season, cracked, ripe canning tomatoes.

Harvest Tomato Bouillon Since Campbell’s has defined our American concept of tomato soup, I have designed a cleaner and lighter version that captures all of the beautiful …