Quick Note: What to Drink with Gumbo!

So, chef, what wine do you drink with gumbo?

Gumbo is dark, earthy and rich and I’ll bet your first instinct is to break out the big Cab to pair with this, right? Well, that could work, but it could also be a case of two thunderbuck rams butting heads. If your Cab is as big as the gumbo is big, you may have a great success…maybe. You also may encounter a situation where your wine’s nuances are lost in the spices of the gumbo. Such a waste of good wine is hard to bear.

I recommend a bright, acidic red, served cool. Go for a cold-weather red like a Finger Lakes or Oregon Pinot Noir, or a quality Gamay from Morgon or a Spanish Grenache. I happen to LOVE Gamay with Cajun food! 

Serve the wine at true cellar temperature, which is 55-60 degrees farenheit. If the wine is too warm, drop an ice cube in it. Go ahead, be daring, yow, you are an iconoclast! There is no true rule on what temperature a table wine should be served at.

After all, it’s your table.


Daniel B. said...


Also, sparkling wine goes with everything. Those bubbles will help to wash away the rich, mouth coating stew and with a snappy finish will have you refreshed and ready for another bite.

But don't forget about beer which is getting better and better every day. It too has a place on the table, and deserves just as much respect as a glass of wine.

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