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Gluten Free ( or not) Pasta with Nasturtium or Arugula Sauce

Oh, Those peppery greens, I have an affliction for those peppery greens. Maybe it is all of the folic acid, minerals and nutrients they bring, or maybe it is just that they are kick ass southern Italian veggies! All said, I love my arugula, nasturtium, mustards and cress.  I grow them all, they are so low maintenance. But even if you buy that wimpy hybrid arugula sold everywhere now, you can still use it in this recipe.
So this recipes comes from Puglia where most things simple, vital and earthy come from. It is a method of mellowing the greens and while making their minerals easier to absorb. Always trust a peasant technique to learn how to maximize the nutritional value of a dish. After all, this is Piatte povere--or poor people's food.  The peasants who cooked it right, grew big and strong. If you don't get a decent cook on your greens, you pass 'em right through your digestive tract with absorbing very much of the minerals.Trust me here, Three minutes in boiling water …