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Ric orlando Pupusa Basics

Yesterday, April 15th 2013-- I went to Boiceville, NY to do a presentation of Latin American Cooking at Onteora High School 9th and 11th graders I made basic Arroz y Habichuelas AND  Pupusas.  The Pupusas were the big hit. Everyone made their own. It was a uplifting experience! When I got in my car to leave, the Boston Marathon bombing was breaking news. It was, to say the least, a roller coaster day.  I proclaim that we all cheer up and cook for our loved ones every day!.
 New World Pupusas Pupusas are stuffed masa pancakes cooked on a griddle or in a skillet. The Cake is made from masa harina and water and the traditional fillings include fish, shredded meats, cheese and veggies. The sky is the limit. The most important factor in designing your own fillings is to consider texture. The corn dough is delicate; golden on the outside and smooth and almost creamy textured on the inside. A filling with too much crunch or chew would counter the sexy nature of the dough. Pupusas are accompanie…