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Ric Orlando's Salmon Ginger Gefilte FIsh

Asian Flavor Salmon Gefilte Fish with Wasabi Mustard Sauce
Gefilte fish is our grandfather's food. They are the kind of dish that takes us back to simpler, and poorer, days.Traditional gefilte fish is made from Carp. Carp is considered to be a garbage fish, but when it is all you have, you make do. We humans are very clever when we are hungry. Scraping the meager remains of the meat off of the bones and the head of a Carp and cooking bones to make a gelatinous broth created a low cost and sustaining meal in times when there may not have been a Wal-Mart in the village. In this dish, we have raised the bar by using wild salmon and have livened it up wth the addition of lemongrass, ginger and scallions. Gelatin, though somewhat maligned by the current diet police, has great value as a nutrient for your joints, hair, nails and organs. It was once considered a health food and in my opinion, it still is.
1-quart fish stock for poaching 2 cups water salt to taste 1 stick lemongras…