Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ric orlando Super Sandwich Recipes, Triple mushroom and goat cheese melt!

Triple Mushroom Melt w local goat cheese and greens 
This is a nice vegetarian alternative and can be vegan if you choose to use vegan bread and vegan cheese alternative.
The meatiness of the mushrooms makes for a super satisfying sandwich even for a carnivore!

Makes 4
8 slices hearty whole grain bread.
4 oz white mushrooms
4 portabello mushrooms
4 oz oyster or shiitake mushrooms
olive oil as needed
salt and pepper
¼ cup chipotle mayo
8 oz goat cheese
olive oil
1 cup arugula or chicory
fresh herbs like thyme, chives or rosemary
Preheat oven to 350

For the mushrooms.
Cut the mushrooms into thick but bite sized pieces, removing any tough stems
Put in a mixing bowl and toss with enough oil to coat all of the mushrooms and make then shiny.  Season generously with salt and fresh pepper.
Lay on a cookie sheet and roast for 15 minutes or until golden brown and meaty looking.
Strain off oil and reserve oil and roasting pan.

For the goat cheese
Put in food processor with a teaspoon of herbs and the reserved oil from roasting the mushrooms.
Whip until light and fluffy. Reserve.

Put the bread slices on the used cookie sheet.
Mound the mushrooms of half of the bread slices and smear the other half with goat cheese.
Bake for 5 minutes or just until warm.

To assemble
The bread with the shrooms goes on he bottom.
Then some greens
Then top with he goat cheese smeared bread.

>Note that all of the sauces will make more than you think you need, but chances are you’ll need them again in a few days for other purposes. Store leftovers covered, in the fridge, for up to two weeks.

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