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Quick perspective on Obamacare

Too many Idiots --too much Hostility--
If Obamacare effects me as a business and my costs go up, my prices will go up accordingly. That is how the world works. But if the middle class workers of America's health care is covered, they will have more money to spend, so a small % increase in prices will be a wash. What is the big deal?
The big deal here is that there are too many companies in America that sell GARBAGE/POISON for CHEAP to people who don't  know or don't care about QUALITY. If you need to eat at Denny's and a 5% increase in the price of grand slam will drive you away you should be cooking those eggs at home.
These companies who are trying scapegoat Obamacare are substance-free ideas that create demand for GMOs, cheap labor, styrofoam, HFCS, and more--they are leading contributors to Diabetes, obesity and a general retardation of America-they do nothing to advance our humanity and only bring our culture down anyway.
So I say, let em squirm.