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Ric Orlando at Mohonk's Hudson Harvest Recipes featuring CHILES!!!

This weekend, 9/15, I am cooking at the magnif Mohonk Mountain House and their Hudson Valley Harvest Festival. It is my 4th year there and it is a great busman's holiday! If you cannot make it, I am posting my recipes for this weekend....
Food is from ( among others Brook Farm Project, Story Farms, Red Barn Produce and --alas, the chocolate, figs, Ancho chiles and Salmon are NOT local, but sustainable --  we do our best!

Hudson Valley Harvest 2012
Chiles, Sweet, Hot and Mysterious. The mystique of chiles--some fear, some revere, some steer clear! But today we will utilize this healthy harvest of chiles and show just how anyone can enjoy the magical fruit of the capsicum family. What is the reason over 75% of the people of the earth eat chiles as a regular part of their diet? Well, they are delish AND are one nature’s better healing foods. Yes, Chiles have numerous benefits for our bodies and minds. Rich in vitamins, that is not all they offer us.They actually help maintain…