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Conventions 2012

Watching the Democratic Convention made me very hopeful and happy--multitudes of skin colors, of creeds--old young, simply beautiful...and the message? What it should be. Hope for a greater society. Hope for the middle class. Equality for all. 
The Republicans? All i get is hate, fear, xenophobia, impending doom and selfishness...a Harlan Ellison novella would have painted this picture.
Let me say it like I'm thinking - 3 thousand years of literature and philosophical thought back me up here, so don't fuck with this.
There are some sad-assed mfs out there who don't give a shit about anything but their portfolios and their pathetic little cubes of existence.... as if they can go it alone....they are missing out on the most beautiful thing in life- without sharing compassion for your human family, you are obvious....angry, selfish, greedy and lost. ... ... said.It is fascinating how many people get lured in by hate politics and expouse views so oppose…