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menu updates on the way

As summer nears it end and fall begins there is a menu dilemma here in the Hud-Val.
Every year the local produce supply goes through its changes before the seasons do. Corn, tomatoes, cukes, all here today, gone tomorrow. Sometimes it ends without warning. Last year Irene finished off the bursting fields in one day of Poseidon like saturation, irrational wind and then...Gone.

Forbidden Pleasures--The Magic of Offal

The Food of the Gods or Forbidden Pleasures? It is amusing how we attach biblical status to something as primitive as organ meat or offal. Heavenly or Devilish—which is it? It is something that is, in the supermarket at least, the dregs, with the lowest prices and the least desired part of an animal. A huge percentage of organ meat now ends up in preformed burgers, hot dogs and other products.Ever wonder what is meant in the advertising campaign “100% Beef” ? Sirloin? Filet? I doubt it. Try hearts and hooves. Yes that is the way most Americans get their lesser cuts! For centuries, Sweetbreads, Pates, Marrow Custard and Anticuchos were and still are considered specialties in many parts of the world, reserved for the refined, wealthy and sophisticated eaters. James Beard and Julie Child, icons in he American culinary revolution revered a good chicken liver appetizer or kidneys in sweet and sour sauce.But to mention these items many today in America, and you receive a groan or my least favo…