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No Crash Risotto with Brown RIce

Here is one more illustration of the virtues of brown rice.My wife Liz's father Angelo Corrado lived with us for the last few years f his life. He had been a diabetic for over 30 years. He still craved pasta though he knew it is one of the worst foods he can possibly eat. Whenever he ate regular white or semolina pasta his sugar count would jump to over 200and then crashes down leaving him depressed and drowsy. Is this you? You know, eating is supposed to be your body's fuel. You are not supposed to fall asleep after eating. So  I  used Angelo as my Guinea pig! I  served him small portions brown rice and brown rice pasta combined with free range meats and fish for dinner and we monitored his sugar levels. When he ate the brown rice his sugar levels mobved up and tne back down slowly. And he stayed---happy! . The complex carbohydrates in brown rice are truly miraculous!
On the menu at New World we actually call it "No Crash" risotto!This is big for me. Getting away fr…