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Hospital food for workers

I am restating this - Northern Dutchess Hospital is wonderfully friendly and accommodating, small enough to be personal and big enough to get it done well-Both Liz and now Terry have had excellent experiences with all medical and medical support staff there!!! I think it is a great place.

However---(yes, however)--
the cafeteria food for the staff and guests is horrendous and unbelievably out of date with the progressive attitude of the rest of the hospital--
They serve 95% processed food except for hard boiled eggs a few pieces of institutional west coast fruit and yogurts- the rest was cheap orange cheese, low end nitrate laden cold cuts, powdered eggs with dyed cheese, processed sausage patties, processed hash brown tots (why no potatoes), fake whole wheat bread (white bread with 10% ww flour & corn syrup), AND a center piece of trans-fatty--processed danish and doughnuts---Dunkin Coffee, frozen soups---all processed, poison, chemical shit. 
I have been to enough corpor…