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Some Cool Greek Recipes

Modern Greek Sampler
at Different Drummers Kitchen, Stuyvesant Plaza

Ric Orlando, Chef
New World Bistro Bar, Albany, NY
New World Home Cooking Cafe and New World Catering, Saugerties, NY
GreekCuisine, once thought of as overcooked elbows in tomato sauce with cinnamon, greasy spanikopita and dry lamb with brown gravy, is now becoming of of America’s trendier cuisines. It is intrinsically healthy, using olive oil, fish, beans, greens and grass-fed cheeses at its core. And it it immensely flavorful, as most cuisines from Sunny climates are!
The Greek “Mezze”, like Spanish Tapas has spawned a new style of Dining in America--the Small Plate Experience and Ingredient Driven Cooking. Tonight we’ll cook some classics, spruced up, and we’ll twist some old into something new, all served as small plates, creating a complete meal without the “Meat and Potatoes” experience.

Salmon “Tarama”
Taramasalata-- or Caviar salad is a classic dip served as a part of the Pikilia, or asso…