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Paula Deen Idiocy marks the return of Clean Food (Hopefully)

Paula Deen is a dangerous person who cooks and sells shit everyday. And screw FOX news & the rest of the idiots who blame it on grease.
It ain't the grease baby, grease doesn't give you diabetes. Its the bisquick, corn syrup, sugar, white carbs, commercial fries...
From Chapter one of my book "We Want Clean Food" - I have ranted that White Stuff is poison---
Is the worm turning? I don't know. Maybe so, maybe no.
I say no because Now the New PD will make a mint endorsing Glucophage for Novo Nordisc--More Poison served up by Ms Deen--and her fans will treat her like Lady of Fatima.
If you don't think that there are mind games going on you are all suckered. In the health craze era of the 80's, bacon was demonized, sales went down an there were a lot of "Pork Bellies" sitting around not making profits for the corn, grain, antibiotic and chemical and "industrial commodities" companies ( oh yea, I mean…