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Ric Orlando's Crab and "Zucca" Risotto from Albany Wine Dine for the Arts 2013

Crab and "Zucca" Risotto
Crab and pumpkin (aka Zucca), in this case butternut squash,  creamy mascarpone and a drizzle of olive oil is both luxurious and comforting at the same time. Served with a nice bitter endive salad and a big fat white wine, life is good!
There are three steps to this recipe. Cleaning the crab, making the stock and building the risotto. There are no real shortcuts for this--do it all. --life is way more fun when you give it your all....

serves 4 1 Dungeness Crab, Live or cooked (available at a local Asian market)
or 3 Jonah Crabs
or 8 Blue Crabs 1 butternut squash, peled and diced ( about 1 1/2 cups diced butternut squash) 2 cup arborio rice olive oil as needed butter as wanted 1 small onion, diced (save peelings) 1 leek, cleaned, white and light green parts diced, green tops reserved for stock 1 large carrot, peeled and diced (peels reserved 1 bunch flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
1 small bunch of sage, leaves chopped
2 bay leaves
4 oz tomato paste
2 cup white w…

Quick perspective on Obamacare

Too many Idiots --too much Hostility--
If Obamacare effects me as a business and my costs go up, my prices will go up accordingly. That is how the world works. But if the middle class workers of America's health care is covered, they will have more money to spend, so a small % increase in prices will be a wash. What is the big deal?
The big deal here is that there are too many companies in America that sell GARBAGE/POISON for CHEAP to people who don't  know or don't care about QUALITY. If you need to eat at Denny's and a 5% increase in the price of grand slam will drive you away you should be cooking those eggs at home.
These companies who are trying scapegoat Obamacare are substance-free ideas that create demand for GMOs, cheap labor, styrofoam, HFCS, and more--they are leading contributors to Diabetes, obesity and a general retardation of America-they do nothing to advance our humanity and only bring our culture down anyway.
So I say, let em squirm.

Ric Orlando at Mohonk's Hudson Harvest Recipes featuring CHILES!!!

This weekend, 9/15, I am cooking at the magnif Mohonk Mountain House and their Hudson Valley Harvest Festival. It is my 4th year there and it is a great busman's holiday! If you cannot make it, I am posting my recipes for this weekend....
Food is from ( among others Brook Farm Project, Story Farms, Red Barn Produce and --alas, the chocolate, figs, Ancho chiles and Salmon are NOT local, but sustainable --  we do our best!

Hudson Valley Harvest 2012
Chiles, Sweet, Hot and Mysterious. The mystique of chiles--some fear, some revere, some steer clear! But today we will utilize this healthy harvest of chiles and show just how anyone can enjoy the magical fruit of the capsicum family. What is the reason over 75% of the people of the earth eat chiles as a regular part of their diet? Well, they are delish AND are one nature’s better healing foods. Yes, Chiles have numerous benefits for our bodies and minds. Rich in vitamins, that is not all they offer us.They actually help maintain…

Conventions 2012

Watching the Democratic Convention made me very hopeful and happy--multitudes of skin colors, of creeds--old young, simply beautiful...and the message? What it should be. Hope for a greater society. Hope for the middle class. Equality for all. 
The Republicans? All i get is hate, fear, xenophobia, impending doom and selfishness...a Harlan Ellison novella would have painted this picture.
Let me say it like I'm thinking - 3 thousand years of literature and philosophical thought back me up here, so don't fuck with this.
There are some sad-assed mfs out there who don't give a shit about anything but their portfolios and their pathetic little cubes of existence.... as if they can go it alone....they are missing out on the most beautiful thing in life- without sharing compassion for your human family, you are obvious....angry, selfish, greedy and lost. ... ... said.It is fascinating how many people get lured in by hate politics and expouse views so oppose…

menu updates on the way

As summer nears it end and fall begins there is a menu dilemma here in the Hud-Val.
Every year the local produce supply goes through its changes before the seasons do. Corn, tomatoes, cukes, all here today, gone tomorrow. Sometimes it ends without warning. Last year Irene finished off the bursting fields in one day of Poseidon like saturation, irrational wind and then...Gone.

Forbidden Pleasures--The Magic of Offal

The Food of the Gods or Forbidden Pleasures? It is amusing how we attach biblical status to something as primitive as organ meat or offal. Heavenly or Devilish—which is it? It is something that is, in the supermarket at least, the dregs, with the lowest prices and the least desired part of an animal. A huge percentage of organ meat now ends up in preformed burgers, hot dogs and other products.Ever wonder what is meant in the advertising campaign “100% Beef” ? Sirloin? Filet? I doubt it. Try hearts and hooves. Yes that is the way most Americans get their lesser cuts! For centuries, Sweetbreads, Pates, Marrow Custard and Anticuchos were and still are considered specialties in many parts of the world, reserved for the refined, wealthy and sophisticated eaters. James Beard and Julie Child, icons in he American culinary revolution revered a good chicken liver appetizer or kidneys in sweet and sour sauce.But to mention these items many today in America, and you receive a groan or my least favo…

No Crash Risotto with Brown RIce

Here is one more illustration of the virtues of brown rice.My wife Liz's father Angelo Corrado lived with us for the last few years f his life. He had been a diabetic for over 30 years. He still craved pasta though he knew it is one of the worst foods he can possibly eat. Whenever he ate regular white or semolina pasta his sugar count would jump to over 200and then crashes down leaving him depressed and drowsy. Is this you? You know, eating is supposed to be your body's fuel. You are not supposed to fall asleep after eating. So  I  used Angelo as my Guinea pig! I  served him small portions brown rice and brown rice pasta combined with free range meats and fish for dinner and we monitored his sugar levels. When he ate the brown rice his sugar levels mobved up and tne back down slowly. And he stayed---happy! . The complex carbohydrates in brown rice are truly miraculous!
On the menu at New World we actually call it "No Crash" risotto!This is big for me. Getting away fr…