Thursday, October 20, 2011

The perfect egg, Ungeeked, Sort of...

The perfect egg is the perfect food.
Now you all know what I have known all along. After all, they are rich in beta carotene, amino acids, protein, leutin, b Vitamins...
They are cheap---even the priciest free running, super pristine,mega-organic eggs are never more than .40 each. Yes, $4.80 a dozen is a VERY high end egg, and yet for .80, you can have a magnif lil meal.
Yes, the humble egg is making a big comeback in America.
Since the early 1980's, Eggs have been maligned in our media through no fault of their own. Eggs were just victims of two simple factors. First was the Baby boomer generation's fear of death. Starting the 1980's, cholesterol, fat and eggs were all linked with possible early death. Recent research is proving that to be a phallacy, thankfully. Then there was influence of well heeled lobbying of the soybean congloms. Soy, developed, manipulated, owned and processed by big, corrupt and diabolical companies like Monsanto/Cargill/Dupont/ADM etc. has been linked with "goodness and Wellness". This was amplified to all corners of the country during baby boomer's peak burst in buying power. There was no way Yuppies were going to eat what their fathers, grandfathers and 20 generations of forefathers ate healthfully on a daily basis. Now we know better (or are learning) that the "soy phenom" is just a cynical take over of our food world. 30 years of the Soy-Good/Egg-Bad culture in America and where are we? Our joints are disintegrating, our libidos are crushed and our brains are drying out. This is all good for for the drug and "wellness" business, but bad for we lowly humans who believed we are doing it right.
Get it straight, folks. We are designed to eat eggs. We hunt, gather, find eggs, eat them, prosper, propagate, find more eggs, our brain develops more, we find more,there are more of us eating eggs, we rule the world!

So, thanks to the mass-communication miracle of the internet, the egg is not only back in good standing in America, it is now trendy in the professional kitchen, too.
In my world of culinary upstarts, intellectuchefs and foodieblogsters, the idea of adding a poached or soft cooked egg to just about any dish as an enhancement is in full tilt acceptance. In many cases, a simple poached egg is the new Buerre Blanc or Hollandaisse. Eggs are now a very common topping on burgers, salads, steaks and soups. I don't necessarily agree with it all, but it certainly doesn't suck, either. Though topping a dish with a poached or sous vide egg adds texture and fat, it seems to be more about "look what I can do" as opposed to "taste how good" this dish can be. Aside from topping a salad, the classic frisse and lardon comes to mind, it is always tastes better, in my opinion, when you use a classic egg sauce or a variation on one instead of just egg yolk.
A couple of hundred years of R&D, experimentation and development that turned the simple egg into a many magnificent sauces is what make the culinary arts an art. The original formula sauce, Mayonnaisse and all of it's aioli like variations is genius, and what about hollandaise, choron, Bearnaise, gribiche...this list is long and all are sublime, all better than just adding egg yolk to a dish in my book.
Egg on a burger-good, Bearnaise on a burger Awesome! Get it?
If you are a food blog junkie, a Changster or a wannabe kitchen geek, you will find a dizzying array of published thoughts on the perfect egg. Try it. Go ahead and google "cook perfect egg". Page after page of entries will roll out. Everyone from Martha herself to The National Egg board has a "perfect" egg recipe. Sous Vide, Immersion cooked, steamed, rotated, roasted, solar cooked,
So why me? Why should I even bother.
Why..because I love food and cooking and my work can simplify your life. That's why.

For breakfast at least 5 days week, Liz and I have perfect soft boiled eggs. 5 minute and 40 second eggs to be exact.
Okay, it is supposed to be a six minute egg, but removing the eggs from the boiling water 20 seconds early is PERFECT! The white is set, the yolk is creamy soft but not liquid, so it can be spooned up and enjoyed. It maximizes the health value of eggs, cooking both the white and yolk to the ultimate texture and temperature for nutrient absorption.(

You can have toast on the side, or noodles, or rice, or you can perch the egg in an egg cup (available in any brick-a-brack shop for $1 or at a fine kitchen supply store for $20), remove the "cap" , add a little dab of soft butter and drop or two of Melinda's or tabasco and scoop the egg right out of the shell, into your waiting mouth with a teaspoon.
A 5-6 minute egg can also be delicately peeled and put into chicken, miso, veg or beef broth with a few rice noodles for an amazing lunch.
They can also be refrigerated and eating cold later, much sweeter that hard boiling.

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