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Rah Rah NY Wine

We drank a Bottle of Louis Jadot Gevry Chambertain '08 last night--and then we followed up by two bottles of Finger Lakes Lamoreaux Landing Pinot (yes, yes we were with friends). Nice surprise--the Finger Lakes wine was delicious and though not exactly a GC, it didn't really lose a step to the Burgundy in terms of moving on from one bottle to the next without disappointment. We were all happily drinking and nodding and enjoying. The Lamoreaux has it;s own profile. It strikes the perfect balance between a Burgundian Pinot's soft yet inviting perfumed fruit and a Willamette's bright and cheery cherry bomb--and though it has a bright edge, it is not nearly as acidic the overly acidic Sonoma Pinots I have tasted recently. It tastes right. I tastes comfortable with itself. It tastes like NY.
Go Finger Lakes!
The serious wineries are getting it right! It's it time to appreciate the wineries that are not trying to be something they are not. There are many Finger …

I'm ready for my closeup Mr Riley

Will Lebron James become the Norma Desmond of the NBA...?

When James was asked what it will take to win a championship, he used the word "I" eight times in his response.
In the condensed version, James said: "I got close. Won two more games than I did in '07. And hopefully next time I get here, I'll win two more games than I did in '11."

Little dick.

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Local since the way back.

Old School Local!

We were Locavores before before the word existed.

..or maybe that is loco-vore!

One of my motivations to leave NYC in 1988 was to really get back to the farms and to live a less stressful life. (So much for the latter...)

Liz and I first started exploring the Hudson Valley while we were still living in Boston and her eldest sister Marie moved to Coxsackie in 1985. We would get lost on the backroads of Greene and Schoharie counties on our visits. It was pretty amazing! Marie and her Husband Mike Lenane, along with his sister Susan and her Husband Bill Benson opened the Palmer House in the tiny hamlet of Rensselaerville in 1986. I visited often as the place was being built and knew I too would end up in this enchanted, foggy, rambling, hilly country!

Back in NYC in 1988, Liz and I, with our two awesome babies Margot and Willis, (Terry came a few years later) planned the escape! We moved to Albany in 1989 and worked our way down the river each time our lease was up. Alba…