Sunday, March 13, 2011

boring cuisine abounds

Went to dinner recently--not naming names--
-the place was cute, a bit sterile but cute and the food was perfectly cooked
it was so-o-o-o boring--
In my opinion Chefs have 3 jobs---
...and they need to be excellent at all three
1. know how to procure great product
2. know how to properly cook and present them
3. design meals that make memories and some excitement.
The reason it is ok to pay $150 for a dinner for two is because there is creative energy and entertainment value added to the experience.
You are not just paying for protein.
When a chef believes that a dish needs nothing added--no sauce, no condiment, no somethin-somethin to make the protein less redundant, because the food... is so pristine, he should just be in the retail business.

i want some action, some creative skill other than "we make our own bacon". Big deal--Great bacon is whatever--there is great bacon everywhere-blind taste test and I'll bet there are some supermarket brands that'll hold up to so much of this "wow I can make bacon" fad...
The issue is what can you do with that bacon that makes me want... to come back to your kitchen to see what you will do with the next thing..

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