New World Home Cooking New Years Eve Menu

The menu has many international good luck foods!  Best to you in 2012!

Soups  7/4
Deep Forest Mushroom, cashew crema, pickled Hon Shimenjis  gf/vv
She Crab Bisque, cauliflower espuma, tarragon

Chilled, Raw, Sushi
Hog Island Oysters, golden trout caviar, lime creme fraiche   1/2 dozen  15  gf
Ice Cold American Shrimp with caper-cilantro cocktail 12  gf
 Snapper Cruda, crunchy “three seed” dusting, Greek olive oil, honey, Meyer lemon  10  gf
Escolar Tartare  lemon-lime-chili aioli, kombu jello, spicy banana chips and upland cress 12 gf
Surf and Turf in the Raw  short rib carpaccio in shiso leaves topped with sea urchin roe, sweet ginger-chili dressing and long pepper dust  12 gf
S.O.B. Roll  brown rice, avocado, charred poblano, pumpkin, mango, Habbie “mayo”  9   gf/vv

Good Luck New Years Snacks
Hoppin John Fritters - fried black eyed pea and rice with horseradish dip and celery salad 9
Short Rib and Leek Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with root beer sweet and sour  10 gf
New Year’s 3 Cheese Tamale with arugula and smoked tomato salsa 9 v
Lucky 12 Grape Risotto with rosemary, pecans and house made mascarpone 12 v

Vegetables and Cheeses
Burrata Cheese, melted rabes, pistachio oil, crispy fried dried chile, grilled focaccia 10 v
Veggie Pikilia   pepperoncini-feta Tzatziki, beet-walnut hummus, melitzanosalata,
grilled flatbread and olives 12  v
Nettle Meadows “Kunik”, Lenny B’s Bearsville Honey Comb, Black Truffle Carpaccio  14   gf
New World Pan Blackened String beans with Creole Remoulade 6 /9  vv
Baby Vegetable Fritto Misto, Tuscan green salsa, fried lemon 10  vv

“Babbit” Salad   house cured rabbit bacon, bibb lettuce, dried tomato confit, gorgonzola ranch dressing, cornbread croutons  10  / 6  gf
Triple Endive, Nettle Meadows Chevre, raspberries, French raspberry-walnut vinaigrette 10  / 6 gf
Simple Salad of Baby Lettuces and Red Wine Vinaigrette 7  vv/gf


Butter Basted Wagyu Filet Mignon 39  
  Blue Ribbon oxtail marmalade,  celeriac mashers, parsley salad  gf

N.Y.E.  Surf and Turf 34
Pork Belly & Rhode Island Diver Scallop, black garlic caramel, winter squash whip, mustard green salad *2   gf

Ric’s Signature Double Duck 29
medium-rare breast, confit leg, pomegranate essence, beet-almond quinoa, mustard oil, baby beet greens  gf

Winter Vegetable and Fava Bean “Meatball” Tagine  24
dried fruit, perfumed spices, cous cous, harissa *5 vv

Crispy Red Snapper  29
sticky tamarind glaze, sticky rice bundle, green papaya salad *5

Red and White Tuna Duo  32
guava coulis, blue potato latke, truffle scented enoki-chive salad   

 Fideo de Mariscos  36
 shrimp, scallops, mussels, manila clams, squid and optional chorizo in a tomato-saffron broth with queen olives and toasted thin noodles

Seitan, Maittakes and Roasted Ginger in a Kombocha Squash 25
bok choy tips, black seaweed, green tea sobas vv

Gluten Free 3 Cheese Agnolotti 24
tomato-savory Sunday Sauce, shaved porcini, arugula, Piave  gf/v

dining here includes free admission to dance party>

Desserts TBA!

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