Bubbles Dinner 2011! Shut Up and Celebrate!

December 2011.
It is that the time of year again, time to celebrate our good fortune and bounty with friends and family.
It is time for our 2011 Champagne Dinner!
I know, I know. not NOW, we are very busy commiserating with our comrades about the end of the world as we know it.
But you must listen, you must, you must!....
The holiday season is actually a great time for very real therapy.  Celebrating together, giving, hugging, splurging, eating and drinking a lil to much all make us whole and real human beings. If there is one thing to be learned from History, it is that we need to fight the good fight AND we need to live for the satisfied belly simultaneously.  What do you think makes It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol continue to breathe on year after year.
Ok, I'll admit, this December things seem very weird in America and indeed the world round us too.  But taken in context, weirder than what? Today's gloomy news is dispersed with spots promoting village holiday celebrations, a multitude of takes on the Nutcracker, and small businesses promoting their inventories of trees, gift ideas and decorating goods all paid for by small business people who believe that we need to celebrate. The Human spirit is fantastic!
Sharing and celebrating is the key, the out, the good pill.
We can all work for a better future, but without some celebration, there is no reason to do so.  Gathering with others and enjoying the hour is healthier than 100 vitamin supplements or a year of exercise. Our soul drives our body.  Feed you soul with music, art, revelry and yes, a great fun meal!
See ya soon!

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