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Neapolitan Style Meatballs

(good story about my Grandmother Millie and my Mother Ro will follow soon)

I am giving the ingredients and ratios here, but the seasoning should be to your personal taste.

(Make it, taste it and add what you want.)

It is the bread soaking technique which makes these soft and fluffy!

NOTE: You are going to be mixing raw meat with your hands here.

If you are squeamish, use rubber gloves or someone else’s hands.

I do recommend having a dish towel and a bowl of warm water at the ready for dipping

and wiping your hands. I also suggest, er, insist that you mix your meat with one hand.

That way, if you nose itches, or the phone rings, or a $100 bill blows by, you will always

have a clean hand at the ready.

Makes 16 -20 golf ball sized balls.

2 lbs ground meat mix ( Just ask at the meat counter--I like a mix of 50 % beef chuck, 25% pork and 25% veal)

about a cup of old-ish Italian or French bread, having a little crust is ok but your

balls will be silkier without it.

milk or red wine

(Milk will give you a softer flavor, wine will give your balls a little tang.)

¼ cup Romano cheese

3 eggs


¼ cup chopped parsley

1 tsp dry oregano

1 tsp crushed pepper or to taste

1 tablespoon salt or to taste

1 tablespoon finely minced garlic or to taste

Put the meat in a work bowl with plenty of room to mix.

Add the seasoning. Mix well.

Put the bread in another bowl and pour milk or red wine over it to cover it completely.

Let it soak until it s is fully spongy and the liquid soaked up. Add more milk if it is totally not saturated.

Once the bread is soaked through, squeeze it out with your hands, tear and mush it up and add it to the meat. Mix it in well. You will see little white streaks from the bread. That is cool.

Whisk the Romano cheese with the eggs well.

Add that to the meat and mix well.

Make a little slider sized patty and brown it in some hot oil to taste for seasoning.

How do you like it? Need more salt or crushed pepper? How about garlic?

Remember, if you cook them in sauce, the seasoning will mellow, so they should be assertive.

When you are satisfied with the seasoning, roll your balls. I like them a little bigger than a golf ball, but we all have our family traditions. Roll them well, making then smooth and round.

In a heavy skillet in vegetable oil, brown the balls on all sides.

You can now either dump them into your sauce or bake the in the oven and eat them brown., sliced on salad or foccacia.

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