Sunday, July 24, 2011

The survival of Friday Night Music at New World

Everyone needs to know NWHC is doing a thorough analysis of our Friday Night Music program.
It is currently a loss leader, and has been for the last 3 years with rare exceptions.
We hear your support verbally, see the crowds every Friday-- but the revenue is not supporting the bands.
There is not enough drinking, and we charge no cover.
Also, Bands are asking $75-$100 per player--which is very reasonable considering what the provide.
So, Do you want it ?
Since we understand the issues with DWI and don't expect everyone to drink more than a drink or maybe two anymore would a straight cover or minimum work for you?
Get us your feed back. We are booked through the end of the summer. Before we go into fall, I would like to know if we can continue our program.

Will you pay a $8 cover or a $15 minimum?
That is what it takes. We expect about 30-50 will pay each Friday. Do the math.
Is it worth it to you to have NW to provide a place to dance for you?
Now is the time--fill our inbox.

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Gilbert Hetherwick said...

Not sure if a decision has been made on this but I would prefer paying the $8.00 cover for the music but in any event understand that music isn't "free" and am always willing to pay for it. I like the "feel" of paying a cover more than a minimum as it connects more directly to the music and musicians and what you are recieving. GH

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