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Ric Orlando's Holiday Cooking Class at The Regional Food Bank, Latham, NY 12.7.2011

Have fun with these!

4 Holiday Traditions

Ric Orlando
New World Bistro Bar, Albany
New World Home Cooking and
New World Catering, Saugerties

America the The Melting pot offers great culinary holiday traditions. Learning about our neighbor's feasting is a great way to create better understanding among ourselves. Food is a great bridge.
These 4 recipes, derived from Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Catholic Christmas Eve and Traditional English Christmas are all delish. Almost makes me reconsider...

Hanukkah Latkes

In this recipe we will learn a classical French cooking technique that will keep your latkes light and crisp. Yes, I have been honored in the past to be the the Woodstock Jewish Congregation’s official Latke Maker for Hanukkah, and they are a discerning group to say the least! Remember, to keep them from being greasy, shred the potatoes two ways and go easy on the squishing.

Makes about 10
2 large Yukon Gold or Russet Potatoes, peeled
1 small onion
1 tbs horserad…

New World Home Cooking New Years Eve Menu

The menu has many international good luck foods!  Best to you in 2012!

Soups  7/4
Deep Forest Mushroom, cashew crema, pickled Hon Shimenjis  gf/vv
She Crab Bisque, cauliflower espuma, tarragon

Chilled, Raw, Sushi
Hog Island Oysters, golden trout caviar, lime creme fraiche   1/2 dozen  15  gf
Ice Cold American Shrimp with caper-cilantro cocktail 12  gf
 Snapper Cruda, crunchy “three seed” dusting, Greek olive oil, honey, Meyer lemon  10  gf
Escolar Tartare  lemon-lime-chili aioli, kombu jello, spicy banana chips and upland cress 12 gf
Surf and Turf in the Raw  short rib carpaccio in shiso leaves topped with sea urchin roe, sweet ginger-chili dressing and long pepper dust  12 gf
S.O.B. Roll  brown rice, avocado, charred poblano, pumpkin, mango, Habbie “mayo”  9   gf/vv

Good Luck New Years Snacks
Hoppin John Fritters - fried black eyed pea and rice with horseradish dip and celery salad 9
Short Rib and Leek Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with root beer sweet and sour  10 gf
New Year’s 3 Cheese Tam…

12.16 15th Annaul Champagne Dinner Menu

New World
Bubbles Dinner 2011
Friday, December 16th   Arrive at 6:30
It is that time of year again.
The New World  “Champagne” dinner is a 15 year tradition that truly Launches the holiday season!
I am pulling out all the stops, creating a tasting  menu that rocks the wine!
My good friend and Professor Of Wines, Michael Weiss is our guest speaker for the evening!

1st course
Tapas and Cava 
Neo-Classic Andaluz Tapas - charcuterie, offal, seafood, vegetables
Pares Balta Cava, Spain

2nd course
New York
Montauk Monkfish Ossobuco with vindaloo potatoes, curry leaves, apple chutney
Chateau Frank Celebre Sparkling Riesling, Finger Lakes

3rd Course 
Endive and Raspberry Salad,  liver mousse toast, crispy duck skin
Pierre Sparr Cremant d’Alsace

4th Course
Wild Boar Confit, Kombocha SquashTamale, roasted tomato-maple salsa,
preserved beech mushrooms
Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee Blanc de Noir, Sonoma Coast

5th Course
Parfait of Venison Shank, parsnip mash, m…

Bubbles Dinner 2011! Shut Up and Celebrate!

December 2011.
It is that the time of year again, time to celebrate our good fortune and bounty with friends and family.
It is time for our 2011 Champagne Dinner!
I know, I know. not NOW, we are very busy commiserating with our comrades about the end of the world as we know it.
But you must listen, you must, you must!....
The holiday season is actually a great time for very real therapy.  Celebrating together, giving, hugging, splurging, eating and drinking a lil to much all make us whole and real human beings. If there is one thing to be learned from History, it is that we need to fight the good fight AND we need to live for the satisfied belly simultaneously.  What do you think makes It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol continue to breathe on year after year.
Ok, I'll admit, this December things seem very weird in America and indeed the world round us too.  But taken in context, weirder than what? Today's gloomy news is dispersed with spots promoting village hol…

Have a date with me

Have a Date ( or two) with Ric Orlando  Winter is Date season and it is on the way. The chill in the air kinds sucks for some things, but for winter fruit it rocks! When I consulted for HITS in the California dessert, the date palms were everywhere, dropping dates like turds from a trotting pony. Once I realized what they were, I began gathering, washing and consuming them with abandon. If you haven't experienced date lust, you should. They are richly textured with a sweet, meaty fruit. Along with figs and apricots, they are the offal of fruit. Deeper flavored, more exotically textured and more mysterious than any plain old winter fruit.  Dates lend themselves to savory applications well because of their inherent meatiness. Cook some dates for  the holidays!

Devils on Horseback, my way
Serves 4 as an appetizer
16 large pitted dates ¼ cup soft goat cheese 8 strips smokey bacon, cut in half legnthwise 1tsp ground coriander 4 tbls honey 4 tbsl Dijon mustard salt and pepper to taste 1…

Cold Weather is here...

Neapolitan Style Meatballs

(good story about my Grandmother Millie and my Mother Ro will follow soon)

I am giving the ingredients and ratios here, but the seasoning should be to your personal taste.

(Make it, taste it and add what you want.)

It is the bread soaking technique which makes these soft and fluffy!

NOTE: You are going to be mixing raw meat with your hands here.

If you are squeamish, use rubber gloves or someone else’s hands.

I do recommend having a dish towel and a bowl of warm water at the ready for dipping

and wiping your hands. I also suggest, er, insist that you mix your meat with one hand.

That way, if you nose itches, or the phone rings, or a $100 bill blows by, you will always

have a clean hand at the ready.

Makes 16 -20 golf ball sized balls.

2 lbs ground meat mix ( Just ask at the meat counter--I like a mix of 50 % beef chuck, 25% pork and 25% veal)

about a cup of old-ish Italian or French bread, having a little crust is ok but your

balls will be silkier without it.

milk or red…

Mid Week Market Specials at NWHC

Daily Specials Menu Tuesday 10/25/11

OctoberFest Drink Specials
Riesling Kabinett ‘06 , Piesporter Goldtropfchen, Haart 7/26
dry with notes of mineral, petrol, honey and subtle citrus.
Spaten Oktoberfest 4.50
Paulaner Oktoberfest 6

Appetizers, Salads, Small Plates
Charred Tomato and Fennel Soup
Local Pear and Apple Leek Soup
Steamed RI Littlenecks with Guajillo butter, garlic, white wine, parsley 10
Wild Alaskan Spot Shrimp with Expensive Salt -Sea2Table Sustainable
with shallots, lemon, thyme, red sea salt… simple 9
“Red” Salad – local radicchio, red Russian kale, and beets with pomegranate, gorgonzola… 10
Hudson Valley Pumpkin Fritters served with a fra diavolo sauce and Pecorino Romano 9
Jamaican Jerk Beef Patties served with coconut orange dipping sauce. 8

Tuesday Night Entrees
Blackened Mississippi Catfish Wild hive Corn pudding, braised locval greens and Creole sauce 20
Texarkana Grilled Big Ol’ Pork Chop with corn pudding, braised kale and a Guajillo Chile and Surry-ano ham “ranchero”…

The perfect egg, Ungeeked, Sort of...

The perfect egg is the perfect food.
Now you all know what I have known all along. After all, they are rich in beta carotene, amino acids, protein, leutin, b Vitamins...
They are cheap---even the priciest free running, super pristine,mega-organic eggs are never more than .40 each. Yes, $4.80 a dozen is a VERY high end egg, and yet for .80, you can have a magnif lil meal.
Yes, the humble egg is making a big comeback in America.
Since the early 1980's, Eggs have been maligned in our media through no fault of their own. Eggs were just victims of two simple factors. First was the Baby boomer generation's fear of death. Starting the 1980's, cholesterol, fat and eggs were all linked with possible early death. Recent research is proving that to be a phallacy, thankfully. Then there was influence of well heeled lobbying of the soybean congloms. Soy, developed, manipulated, owned and processed by big, corrupt and diabolical companies like Monsanto/Cargill/Dupont/ADM etc. has been …

5 Garlic Recipe for Fall

With the Hudson Valley GArlic fest in Saugerties only 2 weeks away, I thought I'd give you a few recipes here that exploit the different aspects of this magic allium.

In these recipes we are going to explore the use of garlic 5 ways;
raw, roasted, braised, pickled, and for dessert, we will try black garlic with ice cream!

Neo-Greek Garlic-Walnut dip
This is a variation of the classic Skordalia, or garlic-potato dip.
Is is rich and creamy, sharp with leon and garic and SUPEr healthy-combining whole wheat crumbs, walnuts, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. POW!
Serve with crudites, pita or ry chilled shrimp!

3 slices hearty toast
, white, whole wheat or oatmeal.
1/4 cup walnuts

5 cloves garlic, chopped

1 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon white wine viegar, or more to taste
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

3/4 cup water

2 tablespoons chopped parsley
salt and pepper to taste
Place the toast in a food processor and process into fine crumbs.

With t…

The survival of Friday Night Music at New World

Everyone needs to know NWHC is doing a thorough analysis of our Friday Night Music program.
It is currently a loss leader, and has been for the last 3 years with rare exceptions.
We hear your support verbally, see the crowds every Friday-- but the revenue is not supporting the bands.
There is not enough drinking, and we charge no cover.
Also, Bands are asking $75-$100 per player--which is very reasonable considering what the provide.
So, Do you want it ?
Since we understand the issues with DWI and don't expect everyone to drink more than a drink or maybe two anymore would a straight cover or minimum work for you?
Get us your feed back. We are booked through the end of the summer. Before we go into fall, I would like to know if we can continue our program.

Will you pay a $8 cover or a $15 minimum?
That is what it takes. We expect about 30-50 will pay each Friday. Do the math.
Is it worth it to you to have NW to provide a place to dance for you?
Now is the time--fill our inbox.

butter poached radishes recipe

Everybody who's anybody in food knows about Gabrielle Hamilton's sexy little dish, radishes with sea salt and soft butter. At Prune (1st and 1st, NYC) It is one of the simple menu items that has helped to create the legend of Gabrielle. Her "I (long "I") like it, so I'm gonna serve it to my guests" attitude is what makes her place among the best in NYC.
It is what makes her a genius.
Note this guys:
Being a chef is about your cooking, (as well as a million administrative tasks)
Being a decent chef is about cooking very good things.
Being a good chef is having the understanding to cook within your personalty and style, to make your menu reflect your own vision of what is good to you, and to share it with ease. That is hard. It takes confidence and humility.
When I was beginning my first life as a musician, I didn't know that lesson. I tried to learn other people's songs that were very complicated for me, a novice. I studied songs with elab…

crazy and sad kids

Will he become the Norma Desmond of the NBA...?

When James was asked what it will take to win a championship, he used the word "I" eight times in his response.

In the condensed version, James said: "I got close. Won two more games than I did in '07. And hopefully next time I get here, I'll win two more games than I did in '11."

Read more:

Baseball's real attraction

Someone should tell ESPN, who whines about baseball's TV ratings being so low, that baseball is not about highlights and homers, but about quirky equations, probability and statistics. I for one, always look at the box score before the highlights. Chef's are all numbers geeks, and that is why so many chefs love baseball.
It is also why baseball fans are generally the smartest of all sports fans. You need to be smart enough to understand what an "equation" is, and be be aroused by the nuances of things like OPS, ERA etc...

Rah Rah NY Wine

We drank a Bottle of Louis Jadot Gevry Chambertain '08 last night--and then we followed up by two bottles of Finger Lakes Lamoreaux Landing Pinot (yes, yes we were with friends). Nice surprise--the Finger Lakes wine was delicious and though not exactly a GC, it didn't really lose a step to the Burgundy in terms of moving on from one bottle to the next without disappointment. We were all happily drinking and nodding and enjoying. The Lamoreaux has it;s own profile. It strikes the perfect balance between a Burgundian Pinot's soft yet inviting perfumed fruit and a Willamette's bright and cheery cherry bomb--and though it has a bright edge, it is not nearly as acidic the overly acidic Sonoma Pinots I have tasted recently. It tastes right. I tastes comfortable with itself. It tastes like NY.
Go Finger Lakes!
The serious wineries are getting it right! It's it time to appreciate the wineries that are not trying to be something they are not. There are many Finger …

I'm ready for my closeup Mr Riley

Will Lebron James become the Norma Desmond of the NBA...?

When James was asked what it will take to win a championship, he used the word "I" eight times in his response.
In the condensed version, James said: "I got close. Won two more games than I did in '07. And hopefully next time I get here, I'll win two more games than I did in '11."

Little dick.

Read more:

Local since the way back.

Old School Local!

We were Locavores before before the word existed.

..or maybe that is loco-vore!

One of my motivations to leave NYC in 1988 was to really get back to the farms and to live a less stressful life. (So much for the latter...)

Liz and I first started exploring the Hudson Valley while we were still living in Boston and her eldest sister Marie moved to Coxsackie in 1985. We would get lost on the backroads of Greene and Schoharie counties on our visits. It was pretty amazing! Marie and her Husband Mike Lenane, along with his sister Susan and her Husband Bill Benson opened the Palmer House in the tiny hamlet of Rensselaerville in 1986. I visited often as the place was being built and knew I too would end up in this enchanted, foggy, rambling, hilly country!

Back in NYC in 1988, Liz and I, with our two awesome babies Margot and Willis, (Terry came a few years later) planned the escape! We moved to Albany in 1989 and worked our way down the river each time our lease was up. Alba…

boring cuisine abounds

Went to dinner recently--not naming names--
-the place was cute, a bit sterile but cute and the food was perfectly cooked
it was so-o-o-o boring--
In my opinion Chefs have 3 jobs---
...and they need to be excellent at all three
1. know how to procure great product
2. know how to properly cook and present them
3. design meals that make memories and some excitement.
The reason it is ok to pay $150 for a dinner for two is because there is creative energy and entertainment value added to the experience.
You are not just paying for protein.
When a chef believes that a dish needs nothing added--no sauce, no condiment, no somethin-somethin to make the protein less redundant, because the food... is so pristine, he should just be in the retail business.

i want some action, some creative skill other than "we make our own bacon". Big deal--Great bacon is whatever--there is great bacon everywhere-blind taste test and I'll bet there are some supermarket brands that'll hold up to so much…

Great read

So---the war is on!
Now that the Sophist-idiot-neo-con-palinist-becksters have taken on my world, It is tine to kick ass back. They distort, cherry pick and out and out lie to create their mad vision of an America being overtaken by commie/liberal/energy conserving FOODIES like me.

Here's organic zin on your eye!

A good start...

Thanks CNN

Let Michael Symon and CNN know they are right on for letting him speak out. You all know I have been ranting about this for 15 years!
Fresh food is affordable if we teach our kids to cook and eat a traditional diet.
Remember, The corporate American power base wants you eating processed shit and getting sick--- because they are totally vested in soybean, corn, oil, drug and med stocks--everything that is profitable by having a poisoned populace.
Once again they have convinced the folk in America to "vote" against their well being by calling him an elitist and empowering the less fortunate Americans who listen to Rush Limbaugh and Fox to get mad and eat more junk food!

weekend specials

Friday Night Specials
January 14th, 2011

Cream of Broccoli with grated nutmeg
Lobster Bisque with tarragon butter
Stracciatelle Italian chicken and egg drop soup with spinach and Romano

Wild Striped Bass and Indian RIver Grapefruit Ceviche *5 with plantain chips 10

Jigae Spicy Korean Kim Chee and and Pork Rib Soup 10

Fried Fresh Mozzarella on a spinach, pickled onion and red pepper salad 9

FISH or the DAY
Pistachio Crusted Carolina Striped Bass 26
with butter poached icicle radishes and a seared watercress salad

Weekend Specials: Big Game and Finger Lakes Wine Pairing Specials
all medium sized tasting portions
Peppered Venison Carpaccio, curry oil and papaya-avocado salsa 10
Paired with a glass of Dry Rose ‘09, Hermann Weimar (FInger Lakes) 18

Bison Tongue Tostada, pickled onions, puya chile sauce 10
Paired with a glass of Petit Noir ’08, Dr. Frank (FInger Lakes) 17

Rabbit Confit with blackberries, wild boar bacon and braised cabbage 12
Paired with a glass of Pinot Noir ’08, La…