Sunday, November 28, 2010


When did the natives invent such loud drums?
It is Sunday morning and my FACEBOOK pages are belching with comments.
It is a fascinating development for we humans. We can communicate, and either hope for a response, or hope NOT for a response without being face to face with anyone who would otherwise blow gray smoke on our beautiful crystalline picture window. It is a very tricky step in our method of howling. Have you ever been at a party and tried to get a subject of conversation started to no avail? Every time you bring your precious pet issue up in a circle, someone interrupts with a funnier story or some breaking news about a local artist's ex wife?
Well, post your comment on facebook. If you have enough friends or "likes" there is bound to be one or two who will "support" you. "You are awesome" is my favorite. Awesome is a potent word. It implies to power to inspire AWE.
You made it through enough day without Gluten. You are awesome.
And herein lies the power of the modality.
No matter how insignificant ones comment, there is always someone who will "support" it.
Support it with what, I can't say. Words? Money? Timber?
And we feel better, strong, awesome.

Well, I'll see you on Facebook. Tell me about YOUR misery of or why your therapist has made your preception of clouds a positive one and I'll tell you about my adventures as a cranky chef!

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