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Thanksgiving Help II, Pie Shells

And is it a sin to buy a pre-made pie crust?Yes...and no...It is never a sin to buy whatever you want. It's your hell, we don't share in that. My only issue with premade pie shells is the use of PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL.Now, it is only one day and you'll only have one slice ( right?) so I suppose you will survive but I'll bet you'll get heartburn and that may cast a dark shadow on an otherwise fabulous day. You may actually blame your cousin's delicious cranberry-chipotle compote for the heart burn when the real culprit is the PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL. This may create a long term family rift. And we don't want that.The sales of antacids and the consumption of PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL coincide perfectly. The stuff is not digestible. A classic and perfect pie crust is made with lard. Yes lard. Look it up. There is no better method. The flakiness and crispness are perfect. Great people who have lived fabulous lives and have…

Thanksgiving Questions? Answered!

For the next few days, I'll post some questions posed to me by Megan, a reporter for Ulster Publishing, and my answers of course, about Thanksgiving food, cooking and the general stress and madness associated with our greatest feast day.

Let's talk Triage--Tell us how to save a turkey from the brink of inedibility?

Turkey is a tricky one--it is really hard to WRECK turkey unless it is
a. raw or
b. burnt.(Visit my website for a flawless turkey cooking technique)
So if the turkey is raw---open another bottle of wine and have another canape or six while you wait. This always works.If it is really, really raw, have some pumpkin pie and have turkey later.If it is overcooked, or burnt, there is only one way out--more gravy! Gravy is the panacea of many an overlooked beast. Really, though, if the turkey is not cooking to your dinner timing, here are a few tips.1. Remove the legs and thighs from the bird. They cook much slower than the breast …