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NY Wines on the Horizon

We drank all of the Finger Lakes Lamoreaux Landing Pinot last night at the bar with friends, don't want to "Bait and Switch"! There will be more in by Wednesday!This wine is delicious! It has the prefect balance between a Burgundian Pinot's soft yet inviting perfumed fruit and a Willamette's bright and cheery cherry bomb--and though it has bright edge, it is not nearly as acidic the much bracing acidity makes for an almost unripe, rhubarby attack.
Go Finger Lakes!
The serious wineries are getting it right! It's it time to appreciate the wineries that re not trying to be something they are not. There are many Fingerlakes and Hudson Valley wines that are FINALLY understanding that you can be a perfect reflection of the region's terrior and make delicious wine.
Fading away are the days of blending and concocting hybrids to release a "merlot that tastes like a California merlot".
NY Wines have a style all their own, and like a commune in Fran…