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Reposted - originally from 2006, but it's time to repost!

My Views on the Sustainable-Organic-Local Food Issue from a restauranteur's perspective.

Ah, Marketing, Marketing...everybody wants to be on the right side of the consumer's conscience these days. So, how does it feel to be a consumer? Do you feel---Confused? Guilty? Perplexed? Bombarded? Folks, let me tell you that as a chef the simple notion of buying clean food is frighteningly complex! The complexity has increased tenfold over the last five years. Sourcing real food---unprocessed, that is---is a full time effort.
We chefs are approached by waves of salespeople---some innocent though ignorant and some bordering on diabolical---with hundreds of "Money Saving" or "Value Added" items. When the name of the game is survival, many restaurant operators are blinded by the initial price of the food they purchase. The industry press has us all in a state of fear, and for the uninformed operator…

Ric Orlando's Global Pumpkin Recipes (with Gluten Free and Vegan Options!)

Hey everyone! Didja get your Pumpkins for carving yet?

In the words of our elders who were around during the depression: Waste not, want not.

Don't throw the guts and the pieces you carved out away just yet! All of the pumpkin "guts" (seeds and membranes) can get made into stock and roasted pumpkin seeds, and the eyes, noses, ears and grins that are cut out of the pumpkin are good edible stuff, too.

When I was a  kid, I remember "Little Nonni"–my father's mother Mary– and all 4'9" of her stoic Sicilian self taking the pieces of pumpkin face that we kids were cutting out from the newspapered floor. In a few minutes there was golden breaded and fried chunks of pumpkin on a field of warm tomato sauce, blanketed by a snow of grated Romano cheese, and ready to eat.

I have recreated that simple recipe and have added three more–goin' round the world, using pumpkin as the centerpiece of these recipes. 


Pumpkin Stock Remove the membranes and seeds from…