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Brussel Sprouts: A Trio of Recipes

Brussels sprouts are one of those kitchen items, like anchovies, fish sauce and cilantro, that conjure strong feelings on both sides of the aisle. When I was growing up in the '60s, I hated them. We didn't have them often, but like Lima beans, when we saw them on our nightly blue plate, they sent waves of dread through the souls of my little sister and me. They were always cooked from frozen until soft and mushy, buttered, salted and that's it. I am now enlightened! Properly cooked Brussels sprouts are an autumn treat. I have taught my kids to get excited about them, and when purchased from a farm stand on a stalk, they are often the star of the meal!

Remember that strong and bitter green vegetables can handle more salt than delicate veggies. This trio of recipes really showcases that.

Garlic Walnut Brussels Sprouts
This dish used quartered sprouts with lots of garlic. This gives them a balanced, firm-yet-tender texture. They are great with pork and rich skin on poultry prep…
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