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Road Trip 2010- Day Two

Father’s Day Brunch in Chinatown, San Francisco

Dim Sum

The question of the morning: Should we go to the place with the best food or should we go for the most genuine 'Dim Sum' experience?

Only time would tell. We read reviews and blogs online about various places- most of which were not in Chinatown- but we wanted to be in the magic of Chinatown.

San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest in America and has many nostalgic remnants. Along with its Maltese Falcon, Dirty Harry, Fire of ’06 and Barbary Coast romanticism, San Francisco has a love affair with its old Chinatown.
I love it, and wanted my sons to experience it through my old Charlie Chan experienced eyes.

After pondering the validity of the internet reviews we decided upon a place call Hang Ah Dim Sum and Tea Room. It opened in 1920 and, according to the many spirited readers in Chow Hound, was the most was “authentic” of the Chinatown Dim Sum houses.
Okay- Hang Ah Dim Sum here we come!

Oh-no-- we were still on East Coast t…

Road Trip 2010- Day One

Off We Go!!

Saturday, June 19th Afternoon...
Up at 4:30 for a 7 am flight from JFK. No breakfast.

Virgin Atlantic had a few in flight offerings that sounded like they might not suck.
I ate cheese and fruit on the plane. One slice of dried pear, one half black mission fig, three small cheese pieces, Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar?

We arrived in San Francisco at 10:30 Pacific time--1:30 eastern time. It was time for lunch. We were sort of starving- After checking into the Union Square HIlton we stopped at the first Mexican place we found. Though it was only fair to decent food, the Mexican in California is way better then anything in NY. I ordered a Wet Burrito with green chile pork carnitas, smothered in red chile sauce. The boys both ordered Dry Burritos with green chiles and pork. Though 3000 miles away, the Mexican food made me feel at home! OK!

We took a trolley toward the waterfront. I wanted to do a tourist day at Fisherman's wharf with the boys, so we hopped off at Ferry Building M…

Road Trip 2010- The Leadup

Road Trip 2010

This trip has been in the works for years.

I promised to myself that I would take my sons on a foodie trip before they were too old to do it and, at long last, here it is!

Let me fill you in on how the hell this madness came to be.

When I was a kid, I did a little road tripping with a couple of bands from New England. Our travels were all East of the Mississippi. Being an innate experimenter, I was always the one in the group who had to try the scrapple and grits and eggs, though I wasn’t a even considering becoming a chef yet. I cooked for a day job, but I wasn’t “in the life” as I am and have been since say about 1988, when I got my first chef job in earnest at Yates Street in Albany. I always did love to travel and eat the food of the people. That, afterall, is where the idea of New World Home Cooking came about. Eating people’s food, American immigrants food turns me on. It connects me. If you really want to make a bond with a culture, eat with them and eat it all. Do…
Meals Day 1- Saturday June 19th
Virgin Airlines from JFK to SF - Cheese and fruit on the plane --
Arrive in SF Union Square Hilton by 2 PM Starving- Mexicanos Lunch- BIG Wet Burrito for me, Dry Burritos for boys ( i like to eat with a fork!) all with with green chile pork carnitas. It;s nice to e in the west coast--any Mexican is way better then anything in NY.
Trolley car to the Waterfront
Then Ferry Market!
Lil Locavore tastings time!
Hog Island Oyster Co.
Little Skookies and Komomutos with Anchor Steam
Tastings of flavored Sonoma Flvored Olive oils
Awesome truffle popcorn, cured pork “cone” from Incanto- homemade Mortadella, sopprasata and salami-- way good salume!

Had to do the tourist Cioppinoi Dinner at Nick’s on Fishermans wharf.
Terry picked it out--he liked the "original" vibe and decor. It was totally time warp seafront continental dive style.
Crab steamers out front,
Horrible chowder--see pictures
Cioppino and sand dabs actually, surprisingly good--or at leat well cooked. Old s…