Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Right after doing yoga, I'm watching a lil sportscenter to catch the RedSox hightlights--weird enough, right?
A Heritage Foundation--er -- I mean Coors commercial comes on and the baritone, gravel-voiced announcer is grunting about how the Rocky mountains are like a backbone---
oh-oh--I knew something was up--
In the final line of the commercial, in talking about how they make their beer (yea right) he states---
"It's something we REFUSE TO CHANGE and that's what Backbone is all about."
Yes, the audio enhances the REFUSE TO CHANGE part. It jumps right out of the speakers.
The anti-Obama message is obvious--white guys, in the country bar, refusing to change, being challenged to have some backbone here...
Since when does it take backbone to refuse to change?
It takes a numb skull, sure, but backbone? I thought backbone and courage allowed a person to change their mind, to compromise and listen to arguments and have the BACKBONE to change. To have the backbone to admit they have learned something.

--PLEASE DON'T DRINK COORS--it's not about the beer...
and tell your friends.
Have a nice day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey, I'm back.
Opening New World Bistro Bar is Albany has been a great experience---running two businesses 45 miles apart is a trip (lol).
Finally everything seems to be settled.
Too many people tell me " I'm never there..." whether they are talking about Albany or Saugerties--yet I work more now than I have in years!
So here is my schedule---wondering where i am---now you know!
I work more than you do!!

I am in the office at New World Saugerties Mon-Fri from 8ish til 10 ish doing the basic bill paying, ordering, banking...

Monday-Tuesday I go to Albany/New World Bistro Bar by noon--have manager meetings, order oversight and then I cook on the line.
Wednesday AM I go to the farm stands/markets to get special stuff for Albany, then I h prep all afternoon, working on the weekend specials.
Wednesday night I'm home by 8 and I chill at home.
Thursday morning I go to the markets for New World, then I do the gardening.
Thursday afternoon I prep the weekend specials for New World.
Thursday night I am home by 7 and I chill.
Friday and Saturday I am in the kitchen catering and/or on the line at New World Home Cooking.
Sunday morning I cook the brunch in Saugerties with my youngest son Terry.
Life is actually more fun than it has been in a long time. I feel like a kid.

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