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Showing posts from April 25, 2010
Right after doing yoga, I'm watching a lil sportscenter to catch the RedSox hightlights--weird enough, right?
A Heritage Foundation--er -- I mean Coors commercial comes on and the baritone, gravel-voiced announcer is grunting about how the Rocky mountains are like a backbone---
oh-oh--I knew something was up--
In the final line of the commercial, in talking about how they make their beer (yea right) he states---
"It's something we REFUSE TO CHANGE and that's what Backbone is all about."
Yes, the audio enhances the REFUSE TO CHANGE part. It jumps right out of the speakers.
The anti-Obama message is obvious--white guys, in the country bar, refusing to change, being challenged to have some backbone here...
Since when does it take backbone to refuse to change?
It takes a numb skull, sure, but backbone? I thought backbone and courage allowed a person to change their mind, to compromise and listen to arguments and have the BACKBONE to change. To have the backbone to admit th…
Hey, I'm back.
Opening New World Bistro Bar is Albany has been a great experience---running two businesses 45 miles apart is a trip (lol).
Finally everything seems to be settled.
Too many people tell me " I'm never there..." whether they are talking about Albany or Saugerties--yet I work more now than I have in years!
So here is my schedule---wondering where i am---now you know!
I work more than you do!!

I am in the office at New World Saugerties Mon-Fri from 8ish til 10 ish doing the basic bill paying, ordering, banking...

Monday-Tuesday I go to Albany/New World Bistro Bar by noon--have manager meetings, order oversight and then I cook on the line.
Wednesday AM I go to the farm stands/markets to get special stuff for Albany, then I h prep all afternoon, working on the weekend specials.
Wednesday night I'm home by 8 and I chill at home.
Thursday morning I go to the markets for New World, then I do the gardening.
Thursday afternoon I prep the weekend specials for New Worl…