Road Trip 2010- Day One

Off We Go!!

Saturday, June 19th Afternoon...

Up at 4:30 for a 7 am flight from JFK. No breakfast.

Virgin Atlantic had a few in flight offerings that sounded like they might not suck.
I ate cheese and fruit on the plane. One slice of dried pear, one half black mission fig, three small cheese pieces, Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar?

We arrived in San Francisco at 10:30 Pacific time--1:30 eastern time. It was time for lunch. We were sort of starving- After checking into the Union Square HIlton we stopped at the first Mexican place we found. Though it was only fair to decent food, the Mexican in California is way better then anything in NY. I ordered a Wet Burrito with green chile pork carnitas, smothered in red chile sauce. The boys both ordered Dry Burritos with green chiles and pork. Though 3000 miles away, the Mexican food made me feel at home! OK!

We took a trolley toward the waterfront. I wanted to do a tourist day at Fisherman's wharf with the boys, so we hopped off at Ferry Building Market. The local farmer's market was just ending but the food was still represented well inside.

A dozen oysters and a couple of beers, and we were ready to rock.

Next we perused the market stalls. We weren't sure what to expect but soon we were giddy! It was a fantasy of local Sonoma and Northern Cal food geniuses giving out samples.

We did some tastings. First was the salty pork stand!

How about a Locally made, organic, grassfed, pristine, Alice Waters approved a Salume Cone?

The most gorgeous collection of real mushrooms I have ever seen in one place!

Check out the boys nibbling a bag of black and white truffle popcorn?

To come--Dim Sum Sunday, Wine Country Mexican, Sonoma's worst meal and more...


jeff said...

Awesome post. I need to book a flight for me and the family to Fan Fran.

MATHEW said...

That looks like a ham? It's nearly christmas season. It would be another hit for ham and cheese once again.

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