Meals Day 1- Saturday June 19th
Virgin Airlines from JFK to SF - Cheese and fruit on the plane --
Arrive in SF Union Square Hilton by 2 PM Starving- Mexicanos Lunch- BIG Wet Burrito for me, Dry Burritos for boys ( i like to eat with a fork!) all with with green chile pork carnitas. It;s nice to e in the west coast--any Mexican is way better then anything in NY.
Trolley car to the Waterfront
Then Ferry Market!
Lil Locavore tastings time!
Hog Island Oyster Co.
Little Skookies and Komomutos with Anchor Steam
Tastings of flavored Sonoma Flvored Olive oils
Awesome truffle popcorn, cured pork “cone” from Incanto- homemade Mortadella, sopprasata and salami-- way good salume!

Had to do the tourist Cioppinoi Dinner at Nick’s on Fishermans wharf.
Terry picked it out--he liked the "original" vibe and decor. It was totally time warp seafront continental dive style.
Crab steamers out front,
Horrible chowder--see pictures
Cioppino and sand dabs actually, surprisingly good--or at leat well cooked. Old school but fresh. Thanks!

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