Saturday, September 20, 2008

Been a long Tie, been a along Tine, Been a long tim, Been a long ti.

I am just getting restarted after a long winter, spring and summer of weirdness, political angst, economic anxiety, social frustration and general wudufu ism.
No a lot of clarity for blogging--but the mountain air has done its work!

I just finished a beautiful LONG hike around the trails at Mohonk with my beautiful SHORT wife. Have you ever done it?
It was my first time---just like the NYer who has never been to Statue of Liberty or the LA er that has never been to a 'ollywoood studio, I am a Hudson Valley resident for 16 years and I have never DONE Mohonk, until today. I have been here as a guest chef a nd for a few fundraisers, but i have never DONE it as a tourist.
Do it. It is a real treat.
Their website doesn't do this place justice.
Til later.

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