Hey Y'all.
Brace yourself for the end of foodie-ism. could it really be true?
The rise and fall of the fat bastard is coming to a strip mall near you!
This economy will sort out the players from the payers...we hope.
To be continued...


pinball said...

Hey Ric!
I had another wonderful meal at the New World on Tues. with my daughter!
(she has said many times it is her favorite restaurant) I have to admit it is definitely one of mine! and has been since the days in Zena. Anyway, I bought two copies of your book. One as a gift and one for me.(thanks for the signing) as of now, I have read a little more than half of it. Already, I am looking at food in a whole new way! I never thought about food being "CLEAN" but now I can't put anything in my mouth without reading whats in it!You have made me realize that the Price of a meal is relative to the actual benefits you get from it! Paying a little extra money for "CLEAN" food is actually less expensive than the Dr. visits, the gym, and the antacids combined! (ok, maybe not the gym) but you get my point.
Thanks again for a great meal with service that was absolutely over the top! and a new way of thinking!

Anonymous said...

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