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Chill wit da food, dude

Take it Easy and
Enjoy a Clean Food Lifestyle
Presented to Ulster County Mental Heath Associates
Ric Orlando 4/2007

I have cooked a million meals and after the first 500,000 I noticed that there was more to making food than just skill and technique. There is sensibility and conscience. I want to share that with you. My mission is to get you to love to cook---to get you to use your hands and to connect---to get you to think about that connection between your mind and your soul and your body and your food and the world around you.
You know we have developed a pretty hectic life-style these days and the comment I get the most often when I speak publicly is "I'm in too much of a hurry to cook" and "What do you have that's quick and even I can make?" and "Can you show me some of your professional shortcuts?"---frankly, what I'm going to tell you is more therapy than cooking secrets.
Cooking is not where you should be cutting corners. I figured this out…