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Showing posts from October 29, 2006
I just blasted an email to update y'all!
I am bringing back the Wine and Food Pairing Dinners
at New World Home Cooking for 2006-2007!
They are now called
“The Chef’s Having Fun” Dinners
I cook and pair the wines
and you relax and enjoy
I am making it my business to have time to focus on the events that make me happy!


We have constructed a schedule for this winter which includes…

Savoring Apulia November 17th
Our 10th annual Champagne Dinner December 14th
Our First Hot Luck “Hell” night on January 12th
( where the course get hotter and hotter as the dinner goes on!)
A Cajun Wine Dinner and Lecture February 9th
(complete with a recipe book held the week BEFORE Mardi Gras weekend!)

And more to come…

Here is what is next!

Savoring Apulia
Poetic Food and Wine from the “Heel of the Boot” of Italy

Friday, November 17th
6:30 PM
A tasting menu complete with wines
$69 per person plus tax and tip

I made my first visit to Apulia in 2006, visiting my wife Liz’s family in historic Gravina.
We a…