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Good FAT vs BAD fat!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

A Primer on Healthy Fats

What is so GOOD about Fat?

I am just a chef --- and as a chef I am in constant contact with food. The food that I am in contact with has been changing at an alarming rate over the last decade. Finding food that is not made with genetically modified ingredients, that hasn't been injected with chemicals and hasn't been sprayed with stabilizers is getting quite challenging. My mission is to convince you that there are definite health benefits to seeking out and eating what I like to call Clean Food. Clean Food means food that has been grown, harvested and prepared in a traditional manner. Real Food is Good.

As we venture forth into the jungle of health information, there is one reoccurring truth that continues to surface through the marketing muck. The truth is that the traditional diets of regional peoples are the healthiest diets of all. Are they low fat, low calorie, high carbohydrate diets like the one the FDA recommen…
I just blasted an email to update y'all!
I am bringing back the Wine and Food Pairing Dinners
at New World Home Cooking for 2006-2007!
They are now called
“The Chef’s Having Fun” Dinners
I cook and pair the wines
and you relax and enjoy
I am making it my business to have time to focus on the events that make me happy!


We have constructed a schedule for this winter which includes…

Savoring Apulia November 17th
Our 10th annual Champagne Dinner December 14th
Our First Hot Luck “Hell” night on January 12th
( where the course get hotter and hotter as the dinner goes on!)
A Cajun Wine Dinner and Lecture February 9th
(complete with a recipe book held the week BEFORE Mardi Gras weekend!)

And more to come…

Here is what is next!

Savoring Apulia
Poetic Food and Wine from the “Heel of the Boot” of Italy

Friday, November 17th
6:30 PM
A tasting menu complete with wines
$69 per person plus tax and tip

I made my first visit to Apulia in 2006, visiting my wife Liz’s family in historic Gravina.
We a…
Let's talk about the availability of Organic, Sustainable and Free Range food.
So I Insist that Sustainable food is the way to go.
But can you get it?

So, Organic vegetables are now available all of the year. In the winter lettuces come from Southern California, Arizona and now Mexico. Root vegetables and some stalk vegetables are also in the market year round. However, committing to sustainable produce also means committing to common sense. We have caused the corporate agri-culture to produce less than desirable food due to our unreasonable expectation of finding everything under the sun all year round, especially organic. As I said before, businesses will do what they can to respond to our demands. If we want red tomatoes in February, someone will figure out a way to make them happen, even if it means genetically engineering them to grow in ice cubes! Or in the case of organic, flying in foods from New Zealand, Israel and Chile in the winter to feed our appetite for the ingredients…
My Views on the Sustainable-Organic-Local Food Issue from a restauranteur's perspective.

Ah, Marketing, Marketing...everybody wants to be on the right side of the consumer's conscience these days. So, how does it feel to be a consumer? Do you feel---Confused? Guilty? Perplexed? Bombarded? Folks, let me tell you that as a chef the simple notion of buying clean food is frighteningly complex! The complexity has increased tenfold over the last five years. Sourcing real food---unprocessed, that is---is a full time effort.
We chefs are approached by waves of salespeople---some innocent though ignorant and some bordering on diabolical---with hundreds of "Money Saving" or "Value Added" items. When the name of the game is survival, many restaurant operators are blinded by the initial price of the food they purchase. The industry press has us all in a state of fear, and for the uninformed operator, the panacea is CHEAP FOOD!
The idea that cheaper is better has divided t…
If you read in the last week's post that I was planning on making Roasted Garlic Bread pudding for my Sunday garlic festival demo this year, I changed my mind. I did the same dish in 1996 so I thought it would be cool to bring it back.
Picture this...
It is the peak of catering season, Rosh Hashanah and the NY Garlic Festival weekend.
On Saturday I was in the New World kitchen at 5 am to pack out the garlic festival vending stuff by 8 am---700 lbs of string beans for blackening, 14 gallons of Creole remoulade sauce and 20 chafing dish pans of roasted garlic mashed potatoes! I was down two cooks; one was celebrating his "Birthday Weekend" and the other was a newly hired Culinary grad who just had a bad attitude. We were catering a wedding for 100 in Boiceville and another party for 100 in Stone Ridge. The Cafe had done 250 covers on Friday and was set to do 300 on Saturday, shorthanded, which meant I was going to be cooking on the line.

Back at New World we were…
For all of you New World wine dinner/slow food dinner/theme party night lovers---
We are at work on our fall and winter schedule.
Stay posted or visit for the schedule.
Get ready to ROCK!

Don't forget to discreetly sniff the cork.
Ric the Chef
It is fall 2006 and I am in the depths of Chef Demo Mania!
I am being pushed to the limit but it is what makes being a chef exciting.
There is nothing more rewarding than presenting food and concepts that I believe in to a live audience. I suppose it is comparable to a when a musician performs live in concert. It's not that I don't love being in the "Studio"--er--my restaurant kitchen. Demonstrating is just a different kind of rush. The interaction with the tasters is very challenging. I am literally face to face with critics and fans alike. I think it not only tightens my chops, but it drives me to connect more with my audience.

For the next week or so I am going to journal my live "performances" for fall of 2006—

Friday September 6th.
Hudson Valley Wine Fest Gala Fundraiser for the Cornell Cooperative.
Grieg Farm, Red Hook NY

New World donated a table of Ceviche to pair with Atwater Vineyard's Finger Lakes Riesling. My good bud Katie Marks makes the b…
Hi gang--
Here it is--finally...
the Ric the Chef Blog!
Since I am working on a new book, I figure I may as well get my ass in gear and get writing daily. Writing is a lot like exercise---when you finally get over the hump, you are then over the hump and the rest is routine. And though I hope to never be truly over the hump, I will keep barking to amuse myself, and you, I hope...

You'll find me ranting as usual---
I'll rant about food---
about the politics of food, the medical smokecreen, the FDA ( make your own anagram)
about dinners I've had elswhere,
about the quality of the so called food we are offered daily,
about the lies we are fed about food ( remember--all spinach is BAD, BAD, BAD!)
Do you remember the reoccuring punchline of Boston's comic loud mouth Kevin Meany--
What are you reTAHdit???

Oh yeah---since I am a chef you'll also encouter new recipes, food ideas and concepts as well.

ever want to hear a chef's perspective on war, sports, media and whatever …